What type of Domestic cases are available for eFiling?

New and subsequent filings may be made in dissolution and custody cases. These are matters containing “CI” in the assigned case number.

The following types of new actions may be initiated:
  • Petition for dissolution of marriage (contested/uncontested with or without children)
  • Petition for Legal Separation
  • Petition for Child Custody or Visitation
  • Petition for Child Support
Subsequent filings available include pendente lite motions, child support motions, court scheduling and docketing, evidentiary and discovery matters, counsel/representation, modification and enforcement and other motions or documents.

Special filing actions are available for dissolution and custody cases. When filing a motion or other document into an existing case, the Filer will see a checkbox that says “Domestic & Family”.  By checking this box, special actions for these cases become available.

The box may be pre-checked already if the system has already identified the case as being domestic and family. If the box is pre-checked, the filer cannot override it in order to see domestic and family actions and must call the clerk to request the case type be changed.
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