What if the jurisdiction assesses additional fees?

DRC Fees: Domestic Relations Commissioner fees are not collected up front with eFilings. Per FCRPP 4(5), DRC fees should be paid through the office of the circuit court clerk and shall be due on the fifth working day following the conclusion of the hearing.

Reopening Fees: FCRPP 3(5) requires a fee of $50.00 be paid by the movant in the domestic relations cases reopened after 6 months from the entry of the decree for the purpose of modifying the decree.

When filing a motion, the filer will be asked on the General Information tab “Does this motion ask to reopen the case and modify the decree after six months of its entry?”

If so, click yes and the $50.00 reopening fee will be added to the filing and must be paid prior to submitting the motion to the court. If the filer fails to indicate that a required reopening fee is necessary, the filing will be rejected.

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