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  1. Rules Governing the eFiling Application

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  1. What type of Domestic cases are available for eFiling?
  2. How do I pay filing fees?
  3. What if the jurisdiction assesses additional fees?
  4. How should a VS 300 form be filed with a divorce action?
  5. Are all eFiled documents viewable in CourtNet 2.0?
  6. How do I file redacted documents?
  7. How do I file sealed documents?
  8. How do I file in confidential actions?
  9. Which Counties currently accept eFilings?
  10. Is the Kentucky eFiling System the same as the Federal Courts PACER System?
  11. How does electronic filing benefit the Courts?
  12. How does electronic filing benefit attorneys?
  13. Who is eligible to eFile?
  14. What is the latest time that a document can be filed on any business day?
  15. Do documents need to be converted to a specific format before they can be eFiled?
  16. Who should a filer contact for technical issues?
  17. Are there any fees or costs associated with eFiling?
  18. If opposing counsel, or other attorneys on my case, are eFilers in a case, must I still use conventional service methods to ensure my documents are delivered?
  19. How can I tell whether other attorneys are eFilers in a case?
  20. Does an eFiler need to present a summons to the clerk along with the initiating document?
  21. May subpoenas be filed electronically?
  22. What do I do if my login credentials have been compromised?
  23. When is a document considered to be “filed” for purposes of eFiling?
  24. If I wish to file a document may I email a copy to the clerk’s office or judge’s office instead of submitting it through the eFiling system?
  25. When will the eFiling system be available?
  26. How does a filer register to eFile?
  27. What can a filer do if they have a document that does not conform to eFiling format requirements?
  28. Can a sealed document be eFiled?
  29. Is the Client ID number required to file a case?
  30. What happens when a document is not accepted for eFiling?
  31. Can more than one document be filed in a case envelope?
  32. Are there any file size limitations for eFiling envelopes?
  33. What browsers does the eFiling system support?
  34. Does a filer need any special programs or applications for the eFiling system?
  35. Should discovery materials be eFiled with the court?
  36. May redacted documents be filed electronically?
  37. In the event of a technical failure with the eFiling system, how do I ensure my documents are timely filed?
  38. Do technical difficulties with the eFiling system extend jurisdictional deadlines?
  39. May an eFiler obtain any form(s) of relief based on the inability to timely file documents due to a technical failure with the eFiling system?
  40. Does the caption of an eFiled document need to include certification that the document was submitted electronically?
  41. When eFiling a motion, how does a filer schedule the motion to be heard at motion hour with the Court?
  42. What are the signature requirements of an eFiled document?
  43. How do I eFile documents requiring an original signature?
  44. How do I eFile a document which requires the signatures of more than one party?
  45. May a party challenge the authenticity of a signature on an eFiled document?
  46. Do I need to retain documents after they have been eFiled?
  47. How do I submit tendered or proposed documents (i.e. proposed orders, jury instructions, findings of fact and conclusions of law) to the Court?
  48. How do I eFile documents if I first need to acquire leave of court?
  49. Why isn't my Sheriff's Office listed?
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